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About me


Although my first attempts at writing music can be traced back to 2004, my work as a media composer didn't start until 2008. Since then, I have written music for a variety of indie video games and short animated films.


Most of my work is made in my studio in The Netherlands. Although I often use virtual instruments to achieve realistic mockups, I sometimes use real instruments as well for added realism.


The entire production process is done by myself, which includes composition, arranging, recording, mixing, and mastering. Although my focus is on music, editing sound effects is certainly an option as well.


What does your music sound like?

To get an idea of my capabilities, you can listen to the demo reel on the homepage, or visit my Newgrounds audio page for more examples.

What licensing options do you offer?

To keep things simple, I offer a few standard licensing terms that should fit most people's needs. Please visit the "terms" tab for more details. If you would like to make a more specific arrangement, please do not hesitate to contact me through the contact form.

What musical styles can you produce?

Pretty much anything, though I usually write music intended to be played by an orchestra (e.g., strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion), rock bands (e.g., guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, other lead instruments), synthesizers, or a combination of those elements.